Arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport shortly after midnight in last early October 2009, an Indonesian friend of mine who picked me up asked me whether I was hungry. Yes! I said. Then he brought me to a halal food stall to have a meal. Continuing the post about Muslims prayer rooms at the Suvarnabhumi airport previously, here some info about halal food in the airport as well as info about Thai Airways which has its own halal kitchen to prepare halal meals on the planes of some airlines.

It is not many options of halal food in Suvarnabhumi airport. The only spot I know selling this halal food is The Miracle – Food Village, a group of halal food vendors. It is located at level 3, among any other restaurants. But it is easy to find it as the stalls are clustered in small area in front of the more proper restaurants.

One vendor provides halal burger, sandwich, spaghetti bolognese, crab fried rice (funnily, they display this menu in mixed language with bahasa as ‘crab nasi goreng’), chicken fried noodle (chicken mee goreng), chicken fillet with rice, and chicken nasi biriani. Halal logo is clearly marked in the menu display. Prices are friendly, from 35 baht to 55 baht per meal.

Another vendor offers Turkey kebab. Drinks are also available at the same spot. But really that’s all the vendors that sell halal food. One might find another food which, by special request, can comply the halal rule. For example, tom yam sea food or shrimp are offered in other restaurant but you might want to have them boiled with plain water (we never know when they use pork broth).

The real blooming halal food business seems to be happened on board. Yes, on the plane. Thai Airways International’s “Halal” kitchen at THAI’s Catering Department, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, have been opened in 2008. The kitchen that received the halal certificate from CICOT (Central Islamic Committee of Thailand) on January 1st, 2008, is aimed to ensure conformity with permissible dietary requirements under Islamic law.

Making halal food available on Thai Airways flights has become more important in recent years as growth of the Islamic population worldwide is matched by an increasing number of Muslim customers on the airline’s flights. The kitchen, established by THAI Catering Services, operates as an entirely separate unit from the regular catering facility at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Currently, the kitchen has been serving 11 airline customers and producing 5,000 halal meals per day. With a customer base also growing from international organizations, students and Muslim committees, Thai Airways anticipates that in two to three years demand will grow to around 6,000-8,000 meals per day.

Although the facility is presently available for flights operating out of Suvarnabhumi Airport, there are plans in future to extend it to Thai’s Catering at Don Mueang Airport to serve passengers travelling on domestic flights. Good news!