One day I sit alone in front of a smallish table in a smallish restaurant, waiting for my tom yum goong to be served. At the left a long table had been settled completed with the bowls and other utensils on it. It seemed that the restaurant were ready to welcome around ten hungry people. Shortly a bunch of malay-faced guests passed the restaurant’s front glass sliding door and sit around the prepared table. Overheard their conversation, I could notice one of the men were speaking in Sundanese language with its typical accent. Others talked in bahasa Indonesia. “Aha, these are my country fellas!” I tought. Well, it is really no wonder to meet Muslim people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, or Thailand enjoying their halal meals in this restaurant. This restaurant we are talking about is USMAN THAI MUSLIM FOOD. If you are Muslims and currently visiting Bangkok but desperate to find halal Thai style food, you might want to come here. Note that the owner, Khun Usman, and his staffs speak Thai and malay. English seems to be rarely spoken, except by Khun Usman.

Who owns this restaurant? As mentioned before, it is owned by a friendly Muslim man named Usman (his family name is Samarn Yama as you will see it in his business card). He and his family come from Pattani province in south Thailand. This is one of some southern Thailand provinces that share borders with northern Malaysia where Muslim population is dominating and malay language is spoken. His wife is the Master Chef in this restaurant. The couple has two daughters and the older goes to Sekolah Indonesia Bangkok (Bangkok Indonesian School) in Indonesian Embassy. Apart of running his family restaurant business, Usman also works in neighboring Queen’s Imperial Park Hotel, just ten feet and a wall away from his restaurant.

What can I get here? You’ll get Thai food in southern style. There are tom yum, crab curry, chicken/fish/squid/beef based menus, oxtail soup, fried rice in various style, and vegetables. See the menu in previous posting (the same title, in bahasa). Usman also provides canned homemade tom yum paste, some traditional fabrics of Thailand, and some women accessories.

What are the recommended foods? Well, you would basically find them all in good tastes. For me, my favorites are tom yum goong (shrimp) and sea food with rice. The crab curry is also delicious. Oxtail is also aroi (Thai word for delicious). Whatever I have tasted here are good. It’s maybe because I have an easy tounge.

How’s the price? I have to tell that the price is reasonable. It will cost you from 55 baht to 220 baht per meal, depend on what you order (full-body fish is commonly more costly). See the menu and price in previous posting (same title, in bahasa).

How is the restaurant itself? It’s actually a typical narrow 5 storey building where one runs the business and lives there. The main restaurant is at first floor and when it fully occupied, guests can go to second floor to have their meals. Overall, the size is not big (maybe enough for serving 40 people) but nice, comfy and homy.

Can I make a reservation? Sure. If you want your foods are ready by the time you come, you can call them in advance. Check out the telephone number below.

What is the daily schedule? It opens everyday from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. It is CLOSED on FRIDAY.

What is the address? 259/9 Sukhumvit 22, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Prakanong, Bangkok 10110. Telpon: 081-855-7124 atau 0-2258-1135.

How to get there? If you are new to Bangkok, I suggest you to grab a free map. You can get the map in skytrain/BTS stations, in shopping malls, in tourist center, etc. After you get the map, locate your position in the map. If you are nearby the skytrain/BTS networks, you will find it’s easy to get to Usman restaurant. Go by skytrain and stop at Phrom Phong station. You are at Sukhumvit road. Walk to soi (alley in Thai) number 22. There is a big Imperial Queen’s Park hotel something like 100 meters inside the soi 22. Usman’s yellow billboard will be easily spotted when you stand right in front of the hotel. Check the map in previous posting (same title, in bahasa).

Public places in close proximity to Usman Thai Muslim Food restaurant are:

–          Phrom Phong skytrain/BTS station

–          Emporium mall

–          Imperial Queen’s Park hotel

–          Regency Park Bangkok hotel

–          Grand Mercure park Avenue hotel

–          Republic of Iran embassy

–          Sukhumvit road.

Good luck with your hunting and enjoy the halal food there.