(This posting is the pair of its bahasa version “SINTHORN STEAK HOUSE – Restoran Steak Halal di Ramkamhaeng Road, Bangkok (bahasa)). This restaurant belongs to Hajjah Sopa is said to be the biggest halal restaurant in Thailand which is a specialist for meat menu (beef and lamb). The restaurant provides Spicy Thai Food, American Steak, European Steak, Original Arabian Food and Italian Food. The location is on Ramkamhaeng road. It is a bit far from the heart of the city but it can be worth to visit this biggest halal restaurant in Thailand as you’ll get the halal good food you probably miss to eat but hard to find it around.

Overall, this restaurant complex consists of three parts: first, the restaurant as well as the hall in the same white painted European style building. Second, the restaurant yard which is shaded with some big curved tents for the buffet and outdoor dining. Third, the small dining place at the left side of the entry gate which serves the Thailand food.

The steak price (as the main menu) is ranging between 110 baht (mini) to 280 baht. Big portion (family size) of lamb cost you about 1,150 baht. They also have the buffet menu (Korean grilled meat) with price of 99 baht for local people and 129 baht for foreigner.

This relatively spacious place also provides facilities such as:

– Grand Hall with capacity of 300 people (in the main restaurant building)

– Outdoor (yard) dining place that can take up to 1000 people

– Minimart that sells all kinds of meat cuts

– Parking lot for 300 cars

– Musholla/prayer room

Open Hour

Sithorn Steak House Restaurant opens everyday from 11.00 am – 11.00 pm. Buffet opens at 06.00 pm.


SINTHORN STEAK HOUSE, 3331 Ramkamhaeng Road (between soi 85 dan 87), Huamarak, Bangkok 10240. Phone 02-3777322, 02-7323865

For pictures, please go to the posting of bahasa version: SINTHORN STEAK HOUSE – Restoran Steak Halal di Ramkamhaeng Road, Bangkok (bahasa)