Apa Hubungan Sungai Chao Phraya dengan Jawa? Eceng Gondok

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Pada Oktober 1920-an, dalam perjalanan perahu menuju perayaan tahunan di Chedi Klang Nam, seorang Prancis bernama Raymond Pillon Bernier dan beberapa rekannya memutuskan untuk mengambil jalan pintas melalui sebuah kanal di Phra Pradaeng. Pada awalnya semua berjalan lancar, tapi akhirnya laju perahu mereka terhambat. “Kami tidak memperhitungkan tanaman air yang disebut ‘rumput jawa’ (Java grass)… More


New Route Map: BTS Skytrain + MRT + BRT + Airport Rail Link of Thailand (Click map to enlarge)

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Source: http://www.bts.co.th

List of Halal Restaurant in Thailand / Daftar Restoran Halal di Thailand


(EN) Please see the list of halal food restaurants in Thailand in this link. This list is furnished with name of restaurants, contact persons, addresses, telp./fax., and e-mail/websites. (ID) Daftar restoran/rumah makan makanan halal di Thailand bisa dilihat di sini. Daftar ini memuat nama restoran, nama kontak, alamat, tel/fax, dan e-mail/website. Semoga bermanfaat.

Chiangrai – Masjid/Mosque and Halal Food


My local Chiangrai friend told me that the population of Chiangrai city is about 1,3 million people. I don’t know how many muslims are there. But, subhanallah, its mosque – Darul Amman – is as magnificent as Islamic Center in Bangkok. This mosque, I believe, represents a significant number of muslim living in the city whose ancestor, like muslim in Chiangmai, came from Southern China (Yunnan). The front wall of the three-stair mosque is covered with light brown natural stone in brick pattern. Beautiful! But, wait, it seems that the name is so familiar… Aha! Remember the mosque on Petchaburi soi 7 in Bangkok that we know well? That’s also Darul Aman. Alright, below are the pictures of the mosque and halal food shop close to it. The map of the mosque is available in far below. Hope this is useful for you brothers and sisters. More

Doi Suthep (Chiangmai) – Surau/musholla and Halal Food


Doi Suthep is a hill west of Chiangmai City which you can’t miss if you visit the city. When I cruised the green lush hill with my rented motorbike, I accidentally found this tribal village resided by Hmong tribe. It was always interesting to know tribal things so I decided to go into the village and see what I could see there, amid my roaring stomach (it was 4 pm and got no sufficient carbohydrates after my breakfast). It turned out that it was a happy moment for me as I was blessed to find a halal food shop owned by Khun Abdullah (a.k.a Surin by his neighbours) and a descent musholla there in this remote village at the west valley of Doi Suthep (known as Doi Pui). Followings are the pictures.  More

Chiangmai – Masjid/Mosque and Halal Food


I’ve ever reached Chiangmai by bus and train and none of the stations have honglamard (musholla). But if you visit this city and give yourself a good mobility by renting a motorbike, masjid and halal food are not issues at all. They are not in the old city (the square one surrounded by canal), but not so far from city crowd. As far as my limited time has taught me, there is a big mosque called Masjid Hidayatul Islam Banhaw (I sense a Chinese nuance in the last word). More

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