Ramadhan is vibrant even here in this Buddhist country. Evidence? Let’s visit Masjid Darul Aman on Petchburi road, soi (alley) 7. Every late afternoon, about 200 Muslims sit down on mats circling various traditional snacks, fruits, drinks provided by the masjid management for muslims to break their fasting. Just yesterday, we got dates, mataba, sliced melon, sweet traditional cocktail, and a kind of traditional cake that I don’t know the name. It was nice moment to have ifthar with fellow multinational muslims. Multinational? Yes, I assumed some were from Turkey, Sudan, Indonesia (off course), Burma, Bangladesh, etc.

After the short ifthar with those delicious light foods, then shalat maghrib is conducted. Finished with the prayer on second floor, people go down back to first floor to have the big meal, the real deal. Soon they circle a group of rice and side dishes. 4-5 people in a circle. The menu I tasted yesterday was as great as: rice, white curry with beef, another different kind of curry also with beef, fried tiny fishes (a kind of ‘teri’ fish), shrimps cooked with pineapple, and a sweet desert. After the big meals, some jamaah will set themself to read Al Quran while awaiting Isya time.

Every day during the Ramadhan, Masjid Darul Amman will serve fasting Muslims with this free ifthar. They allocate food for about 200-300 people a day. I suppose this is sponsored by some generous donator. Not only this masjid provides foods during Ramadhan. Masjid closer to my home is also as generous. I’ll come back with the short story about ifthar in this masjid near home. Following are pictures taken in Masjid Darul Amman.

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