Some Halal Food Products in Bangkok Stores


Are you sure that all the food and drink you think halal is halal? When you know that pig bones can turn to be coal for water filter, you’ll ask, “Is the mineral water I drink is halal?”  And when you know that rum is sometimes used in bakery and pig hair brush is also used to smear yolk on cake dough, you’ll ask, “Is the bread I eat is halal?” Non-halal ingredients are everywhere even in firstly thought to be non-meat products. So to be sure, please consume  products with ‘halal’ logo. InsyaAllah they are really halalan thoyyiban. It is not difficult to find such products in Thailand markets. Here are some sample of halal products found in Bangkok stores. Please  note that this is a pure information, and no sales/marketing promotion intention here. More

Musholla/prayer room and possibly safe food for Muslim at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) – Bangkok


Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is Thailand’s premier venue for international meetings, conferences and exhibitions, renowned for its hospitality, service excellence and the quality of its facilities. There are regular exhibitions of computers, tourism, furnitures, books, sports, and many other things taking turn every few months. This place is easily accessed by MRT (stop at Queen Sirikit National Conventional Center Station). For muslims, praying is not an issue here as there is a muslim prayer room available. For food, there is an issue as there is no clearly halal food vendor available. But one can be an alternative at the food court, somehow, in an emergency situation. Check the pictures below. More

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