Chatuchak Weekend Market Revisited


100_4110It’s been amazing to see how people from around the world search ‘chatuchak’ in the search engines. Many of them stranded at this blog.Well, the article about Chatuchak market here is quite…. adequate, I would say, even the posting is quite old. ‘Chatuchak’ refers to the infamous Chatuchak or Jatujak weekend market in Bangkok city. So what’s going on now at Chatuchak weekend market? Nothing is really changed I suppose. I know it from the tone of stories from old friends who are still staying in greater Bangkok. But let’s revisit it a moment.

Chatuchak Weekend Market – Map
Chatuchak Weekend Market, Other Ways to Get Some Baht – Photo Gallery
Chatuchak Weekend Market – Photo Gallery
Chatuchak Weekend Market – Shop and Eat (Halal Food)

People write tons of stories about the place. So let’s zoom it in at a particular part. Let’s go to the corner where music instruments are sold in a shop. The shop is owned by an old man who is an army retiree. He was a soldier and was a musician at the same time. He plays violin and guitar for sure (I saw him played) and probably other instruments. He used to play violin professionally and his skill even ever made him visit New York for a concert. He showed me his picture standing on a crossing boat at the bay. At the back, Liberty statue and the WTC twin tower were standing (it was before 9/11 for sure). The photographer was facing New York so he was at New Jersey side, I think. More

Sam Lan Park in pictures (mainly the lakes, not the fall)



Camping again: Sam Lan National Park, Saraburi, Thailand


After awhile, let’s talk about camping again, in Thailand again. It was March and it was hot and dry. I was determined to go out to nature after inhaling city air of Bangkok for quite sometimes (too long) after my last outdoor trip. Go to nature for me mainly means going camping. There were some interesting reviews about this place called Sam Lan National Park in the internet, a place of which my Thai colleagues knew nothing about. It was said that the place offered camping ground, lakes, and waterfall. The latter was the one that I would question later on. Attracted by the cluelessness of my friends and the lakes and waterfall, I took a train and headed there, didn’t really know how to get to the site after reaching Saraburi train station two-and-a-half hours later. More

Al-Fatima: Guesthouse and halal restaurant on Sukhumvit 32


I’d been living in Bangkok for a while but just noticed about this place which potentially good for international Muslim traveler in Bangkok. This is a guesthouse completed with halal restaurant which is actually not too far from where I stayed (I lived in Rama 4 road). Below is what the place looks like, as what they advertise in (Remark: I got nothing from Al-Fatima by posting this. I’m glad and grateful that I can help fellow Muslim’s business and help Muslim traveler at once.)


Camping on the beach: Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park


This is something that I have never done before: camping on a beach. Yet, I managed to experience it in Thailand. The very spot I erected my tent was on a secluded beach at Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park (literally means Three Hundred Peaks Mountain), in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The national park is home of lime stones hills (some with sharps ridges), beaches, great caves, typical yellow tail monkeys, mangrove forests, shrimp farms, and fisherman villages. The park is best accessed from Hua Hin. More

Flood evacuation center at Rajamangala Stadium lively with helpful volunteers


The flood evacuation center at Rajamangala Stadium is packed with a lot of volunteers continuously coming to help and arrange recreational activities for flood victims. Governmental and non-governmental organizations also consistently donate necessities. Until now, the number of flood victims staying here is about 1,800. More people are coming to register as evacuees while some are moving out to stay with their relatives. More

Other possible places to volunteer at Bangkok (flood 2011)


As reported by National News Bureau of Thailand, on last Oct 31, the public relations unit of the Flood Relief Operations Center announced five new evacuation centers in Bangkok and its vicinity. If you want to volunteer, please check first to the agency who responsible to each place. Below are those 5 places and phone numbers:

1) Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Center under the responsibility of the Bureau of Community Welfare Protection district 2. Call 089-9686374, 084-0930278 and 087-7115548. More

BMA Flood Alert Map (from

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Flood evacuees, volunteers begin to arrive at Rajamangala Stadium

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BANGKOK, 24 October 2011 (NNT) – More flood evacuees are traveling from Thammasat University Rangsit Campus to Rajamangala Stadium after inundation prompted a need for their relocation while a number of volunteers have arrived at the new shelter.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism and Sports Chumpol Silpa-archa observed the condition of Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, which had been designated as the new evacuation center for flood-affected people from Ayutthaya and nearby areas. The previous evacuation center at the Rangsit campus of Thammasat University, which was housing around 3,800 people, had to be shut down after floodwater successfully penetrated the dyke surrounding the university and inundated the entire campus. More

Graphic of Estimated Flooded Area at Bangkok and Its Northern Provinces

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