Some Halal Food Products in Bangkok Stores


Are you sure that all the food and drink you think halal is halal? When you know that pig bones can turn to be coal for water filter, you’ll ask, “Is the mineral water I drink is halal?”  And when you know that rum is sometimes used in bakery and pig hair brush is also used to smear yolk on cake dough, you’ll ask, “Is the bread I eat is halal?” Non-halal ingredients are everywhere even in firstly thought to be non-meat products. So to be sure, please consume  products with ‘halal’ logo. InsyaAllah they are really halalan thoyyiban. It is not difficult to find such products in Thailand markets. Here are some sample of halal products found in Bangkok stores. Please  note that this is a pure information, and no sales/marketing promotion intention here. More

Musholla/prayer room and possibly safe food for Muslim at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) – Bangkok


Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is Thailand’s premier venue for international meetings, conferences and exhibitions, renowned for its hospitality, service excellence and the quality of its facilities. There are regular exhibitions of computers, tourism, furnitures, books, sports, and many other things taking turn every few months. This place is easily accessed by MRT (stop at Queen Sirikit National Conventional Center Station). For muslims, praying is not an issue here as there is a muslim prayer room available. For food, there is an issue as there is no clearly halal food vendor available. But one can be an alternative at the food court, somehow, in an emergency situation. Check the pictures below. More

Chiangrai – Masjid/Mosque and Halal Food


My local Chiangrai friend told me that the population of Chiangrai city is about 1,3 million people. I don’t know how many muslims are there. But, subhanallah, its mosque – Darul Amman – is as magnificent as Islamic Center in Bangkok. This mosque, I believe, represents a significant number of muslim living in the city whose ancestor, like muslim in Chiangmai, came from Southern China (Yunnan). The front wall of the three-stair mosque is covered with light brown natural stone in brick pattern. Beautiful! But, wait, it seems that the name is so familiar… Aha! Remember the mosque on Petchaburi soi 7 in Bangkok that we know well? That’s also Darul Aman. Alright, below are the pictures of the mosque and halal food shop close to it. The map of the mosque is available in far below. Hope this is useful for you brothers and sisters. More

Doi Suthep (Chiangmai) – Surau/musholla and Halal Food


Doi Suthep is a hill west of Chiangmai City which you can’t miss if you visit the city. When I cruised the green lush hill with my rented motorbike, I accidentally found this tribal village resided by Hmong tribe. It was always interesting to know tribal things so I decided to go into the village and see what I could see there, amid my roaring stomach (it was 4 pm and got no sufficient carbohydrates after my breakfast). It turned out that it was a happy moment for me as I was blessed to find a halal food shop owned by Khun Abdullah (a.k.a Surin by his neighbours) and a descent musholla there in this remote village at the west valley of Doi Suthep (known as Doi Pui). Followings are the pictures.  More

Chiangmai – Masjid/Mosque and Halal Food


I’ve ever reached Chiangmai by bus and train and none of the stations have honglamard (musholla). But if you visit this city and give yourself a good mobility by renting a motorbike, masjid and halal food are not issues at all. They are not in the old city (the square one surrounded by canal), but not so far from city crowd. As far as my limited time has taught me, there is a big mosque called Masjid Hidayatul Islam Banhaw (I sense a Chinese nuance in the last word). More

Suvarnabhumi – Musholla and Halal Restaurant in Departure Hall


If you are leaving Bangkok via Suvarnabhum airport and have passed the immigration check but you haven’t done the sholat, then you can do that in the surau/musholla located near concourse E. The musholla is at 3rd floor so you have to go one floor down. Hungry? There is a halal restaurant close to concourse F, at 4th floor, not far from the musholla. But remember, I’m not responsible for the food’s price tag 🙂 Here are some pictures of the musholla and the halal restaurant. Hope you can locate both facilities easily from the pictures I post below.

For the musholla before the immigration check (outside the concourse), please see here and here.


Aladin Sushi & Cafe – Muslim Japanese Food, Bangkok (bahasa)


Dua minggu lalu saya menerima undangan berkunjung dan santap siang di restoran Jepang yang menyebut diri ALADIN SUSHI & CAFE – MUSLIM JAPANESE FOOD. Atas kebaikan hati pengundang, Pak Ide, yang sekarang telah kembali ke tanah air, saya dan beberapa teman lain dengan rasa syukur mengantongi satu lagi informasi tempat makan halal di Bangkok, yang mungkin adalah satu-satunya restoran Jepang yang mengikrarkan diri sebagai ‘halal’. Berikut informasi sekilat tentang restoran ini. More

Somtam: No Pain, No Gain! (bahasa)

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Alhamdulillah. Akhirnya gugusan kata meluncur lagi, yang pertama di bulan Oktober ini. Menulis menjadi macet setengah bulan terakhir. Minggu lalu, dua orang ‘Jenderal’ Samudera melawat ke Bangkok dan tentu saja sambutan harus dipersiapkan dengan matang jauh-jauh hari. Tak ada hari yang terlewat tanpa membuka dan memperbaiki file presentasi.  ‘Gangguan’ lain adalah Tiga Cangkir Teh-nya Greg Mortenson. Kisahnya – yang nyata yang ditulis bersama  rekan jurnalisnya, David Oliver Relin – sungguh kuat hingga membuat saya lekat di halaman-halamannya di waktu senggang yang biasa saya pakai untuk mencuci baju, memasak tomyam, atau sekedar memandangi foto-foto jenius di majalah National Geographic. More

Tom Yum Goong – Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp Recipe



Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp (tom yum goong, ต้มยำกุ้ง) is probably the most famous Thai dish, both inside and outside of Thailand. It’s eaten very often here, usually in a type of hot pot with fire underneath. There are hundreds of variations of tom yum, and this recipe includes the two most common versions of Tom Yum Goong. (This receipe is taken from  More

Petchaburi Soi 7 – Masjid Darul Aman dan Warung Halal


Cara termudah mencari makanan halal di Bangkok agaknya adalah mengidentifikasi dimana letak masjid karena hampir pasti di sekitar masjid ada komunitas muslim dan sebagian dari bisnis komunitas mereka adalah makanan halal. Seperti halnya di soi 7 jalan Petchaburi ini. Di sekitar masjid di soi ini, banyak tersedia makanan halal. Berikut ini posting pendek tentang masjid dan warung-warung halal di Jl. Petachaburi soi 7 atau yang biasa disebut soi Surao (karena ada masjid di soi ini). More

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