Indonesian Food By Jimbaran Bali restaurant, opened December 11, 2009, makes Indonesian cuisine  now available in Bangkok’s dining room. International travelers who once tasted Indonesian food in its hometown can now get it in one of the most visited malls in Bangkok, Mah Boon Krong (MBK) mall. The restaurant can also be the best option for Muslims who wish to get delicious halal food.

The restaurant is located at The Fifth Food Avenue, 5th Floor, MBK Mall. The Fifth Food Avenue is a comfortable and cozy dining place with the concept of uniform-sized collection of some restaurants that provide cuisines from various countries in the same location.

Indonesian Food By Jimbaran Bali is owned by Dicky Surya, Balinese Indonesian, and his Thai partner Annop Vongchumpit. Besides as an owner, Dicky also serves as the general manager and is directly involved in the daily management of the restaurant. Before opening this restaurant, Dicky worked in property business in Bangkok for about one and a half year. That’s when he met with his business partner now, Khun Annop Vongchumpit, who until recently has still been working on property business.

Dicky, owner

Dicky, owner

From the name, people might think that the restaurant offers merely Bali food. But what is available here is the representative of Indonesian national dish. Until now, soto ayam (a kind of chicken soup) and nasi goreng (fried rice) are best seller menus. The food prices range from B80 to B495.

For other menu, click this following article link (menu is in the table): Indonesian Food by Jimbaran, Bali – MBK Mall (bahasa)

Dicky explained that the original Indonesian taste is well maintained, and for that he specially employs an Indonesian master chef. Most of the spices needed are available in local markets, but particular spice like hazelnut is not available here and so it must be imported directly from Indonesia.

Other foodstuffs are also yet to be imported from Indonesia as they are not available in Thailand or if there are, they taste different from local materials of Indonesia. Dicky routinely asks his brother in Indonesia to send sweet soy sauce, hazelnut, belinjo (Gnetum gnemon) chips, and some seasonings. Seasonings flavor also ‘imported’? Yes. “Spice of Thai flavoring taste different, they are more likely to use garlic, whereas in our (Indonesian) cuisine, we use more red onion,” he explained.

When asked about the customer, Dicky said that the Muslims of Asia is the main customer. He gave more details, “Approximately 25% customers are Indonesian, 5% Thai, 30% foreign countries people, 40% of Muslims of Asia (Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines).”

Any story about customers? Well, there are some customers who are already sticky with Dicky’s warm personality. “There are some customers who do not want to order food if they don’t see me in the restaurant. They sometimes want to wait until I am there and they will then give us the order,” he said with a grin.

Restaurant Detail:

Name: Indonesian Food By Jimbaran Bali

Location: The Fifth Food Avenue, 5th Floor, MBK Mall

Tel. : +66860052569

Open: Monday – Sunday, hours open from 10 am – 10 pm.

Access: BTS (Sky train) the National Stadium station (for route, click here )